Get Connected

Connecting to eduroam is easy using your college username and password. Visit our eduroam setup page to get started.

Go Wireless With Eduroam

eduroam allows students and staff to gain access to WiFi networks both on-site and at participating organisations in over 38 countries.


Visitors can connect to eduroam while at Coleg Cambria. Under the eduroam agreement, support is provided by your home institution. If you require support please contact the IT helpdesk at your own institution.

Eduroam Safely

Find out how to stay safe on-line at college by taking a look at our esafety resources and the latest information from the UK Safer Internet Centre. Be aware that when using eduroam the terms and conditions of the college’s IT Acceptable Use Policy and the eduroam (UK) policy will apply.

Need Help?

Need assistance getting your device to connected to eduroam? Just bring your device along to any of our libraries and you’ll find a team of staff ready to help. Alternatively you can use our Support Portal to get in touch with the IT Services team.

Visitors, please contact the IT helpdesk at your own institution.